Vic Food Menu

served daily from 11am-7:30pm

week of June 9- 15


Patio Pop coconut oil, sea salt,  ‘cheesy’ nutritional yeast 4

Hummus + Pita  vic hummus, garnished, pita wedges 8

Ed + Mommy steamed edamame with Himalayan salt 5

Salad, Sandwich & Soup

Apple Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet potato noodles, quinoa chickpea salad, feta, apple, beet, apple dressing 8 / with  chicken or tofu 10.5

Cloven’s Egg Salad Sandwich

Egg with Cloven Farm’s radish pesto mayo,  broccoli sprouts, easter egg radish coins on multigrain bread 9.5

Pea Soup with Tarragon 3.5/ 6

Rice Bowls   

add chicken or tofu for 2.5

Cheeseburger Rice Bowl

Lentil burger meat, vegetable ‘cheese’ sauce, iceberg lettuce, cucumber pickle, sriracha ketchup, red onion, sesame seeds  12

Reigning Roots

tangled beet, carrot,  zucchini & Brussels sprout, chickpeas, avocado, hemp seed, bee pollen, sprouts, yum tahini dressing 11.5/7.5

Spanish Holiday

black beans, chorizo, queso fresco, avocado, egg, tomato, green olives, cilantro, chili lime dressing 12/8

Teriyaki Empress

carrot, cucumber, edamame, green onion, nori seaweed, egg, sesame oil, sesame seeds, cilantro, ginger tamari dressing 12/8

Sweet Butter Albert

bacon, carrot, green pepper, fire-roasted red pepper, cheese curd, toasted corn-nuts, seasonal pickle, chili pepper, maple browned butter bacon dressing 12/8

COUNTY COMBO any half rice bowl + half soup for $10